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Sugar skulls

On Thursday we were celebrating the day of the dead in Mexico. To celebrate day of the dead traditions we made our own sugar skulls. The sugar skulls are a very detailed and are covered in flowers, swirls and other patterns.   



This week my class has been working very hard on our inquiry, the topic is energy. I am doing mine on stored energy like batteries. Other kids are doing theirs on oil, water, solar, wind, gas, biomass (food energy), nuclear and geothermal. We are going to have a expo in week 8 to show the school and parents what we have been learning at school. I am going to do my presentation on a smore, slide show and do a experiment. 


Italian day

On Monday our school had Italian day. The theme was Roman empire, we had to dress up as someone from that time. I came as a wealthy women in the Roman times. I was wearing my dads white t-shirt with a gold belt, a gold leafed head piece with a red sash.

There were lots of activities to do like boche, mosaic, coin making and puppets. the best thing about Italian day is we get ice-cream and pizza.


survey games

Georgia: board games 

Alannah: computer and board  games

Asher: computer and board  games

Mietta: board                                                                                                                                               

Kayla: board

Fergus: computer and board games

Elijah: computer and board games 



My friend Georgia choose board games because she likes to compete with someone face to face.

Alannah likes playing on electronic things but she also likes board because she likes to see someone when she is playing.



Melbourne cup

Melbourne cup is a very big celebration for all people that are into racing. You can bet money on a horse and if the horse wins you get the money that you bet. The horses that go in the race are worth about $1,000,000. If you go to the Melbourne cup it is most likely you will see people with big hats or tuxedoes. The winner will get a trophy, heaps of money and flowers to put around the horses neck. They will also have a photo taken in the winners circle.  







stock-vector-paint-buckets-and-brushes-vector-illustrations-34646254.jpg (450×399)       PAINT_PALETTE2.jpg (733×550)      1856732-xs.jpg (340×340)

Paints for my painting                                   Paint palette for my painting                   Paintbrush for my painting

3-vector-cartoon-painter.jpg (450×300)   fantasy-world-wallpaper-23.jpg (1920×1080)

This is my canvis                                                      My painting is done!

about me

Hi my name is Alana I am 11 years old and have one older sister. My favourite colours are purple, baby blue and water melon pink. My hobbies are horse riding, gymnastics, dancing and art.

I live in a family of 4 with a step dad, a step mum and two step brothers. I am the youngest in my family not including my dogs. I have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 8 fish,  3 chickens,  2 guinea pigs, 1 bird and 1 mouse. I love all my pets but it is a lot of work to take care of all of them. I would really like to go to America and France. I would like to go to America because I would like to go to Disney land and Lego land.


Hi my name is Alana and my passion is horse riding because I love animals and it is really fun. I first started horse riding when I was 7 years old. I took riding lessons and then I went to trail rides at Ace High but now we go to a place called uncle Nevs, we try to go there as  much as we can. My mum loves horse riding and so does my sister. I think it is in our family, my aunty has a farm with lots of animals and fun things to do. She has a horse called Reo but he is very old and too wild to ride, but we still like feeding him and playing with him.