This week my class has been working very hard on our inquiry, the topic is energy. I am doing mine on stored energy like batteries. Other kids are doing theirs on oil, water, solar, wind, gas, biomass (food energy), nuclear and geothermal. We are going to have a expo in week 8 to show the school and parents what we have been learning at school. I am going to do my presentation on a smore, slide show and do a experiment. 


Italian day

On Monday our school had Italian day. The theme was Roman empire, we had to dress up as someone from that time. I came as a wealthy women in the Roman times. I was wearing my dads white t-shirt with a gold belt, a gold leafed head piece with a red sash.

There were lots of activities to do like boche, mosaic, coin making and puppets. the best thing about Italian day is we get ice-cream and pizza.